• Two franchise owners watching fireworks and enjoying financial freedom

    Robin Gray has changed our lives. She brought to our attention a franchise that was tailor-made for us. She looked at all our strengths and weaknesses and made us examine them. She had us look at the real reason why we wanted to be business owners and told us to keep our focus on that reason throughout the process. We were very comfortable with her, never pressured, because she told us from the start that there would be multiple steps and at every step she would ask us “Want to continue on? Or are you dropping out?” The one thing that she said to us that I will always remember is “Go down this road, check out everything and if it all fits……great. But if not, if you decide it’s just not right ….then at least you won’t have any regrets in years to come.”
    We officially begin our new furniture repair and restoration business in just two weeks and we are so excited.

    Sergio and Suzanne Delarosa

    Changed Our Lives


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